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Hydrate and alumina products



The aluminium-trihydroxide production is based on Bayer process, where the raw material is bauxite. Aluminium-trihydrate (ATH) is produced in different grades: wet, dried, ground and finely precipitated ones.


Most important characteristics of ATHs are:

   -   non-toxic

   -   medium abrasive power

   -   soft (Mohs’ hardness appr. 2.5)

   -   chemically bounded water,

       looses appr. 35 % water-content

       between 200-400 °C

   -   strong adsorption of oil and water

Wet and dried hydrates


Wet and dried hydrates are mainly used as raw material in the production of:

   -   synthetic zeolites

   -   aluminium compounds

   -   glasses, ceramics, refractories

   -   other chemical products

 Ground, viscosity optimized and fine precipitated hydrates


All these grades are white (whiteness > 90 %)


Ground and finely precipitated hydrates are mainly used as environmentally friendly flame retardant filler materials in the production of:

   -   cable insulation

   -   cross-linked elastomers

   -   PVC

   -   polyester resins

   -   epoxy resins

   -   thermoplastics

   -   polyurethanes

   -   water-based dispersions

   -   papers paints


The alumina production is based on wet hydrate resulted from Bayer process.

To fulfil the different requirements we produce a wide range of alumina and ground alumina with normal and low soda content, controlled specific surface and different grinding fineness of grain.


Important characteristics of aluminium-oxides are:

   -   non-toxic

   -   medium to high abrasive power

   -   Mohs’ hardness appr. 9

   -   high chemical resistance

   -   good fire-resistance

   -   good ceramic properties

Unground and ground aluminas


Ground and unground aluminas are mainly used in the production of:

   -   fused white, ruby and pink corundum

   -   tabular alumina

   -   glazes and frits

   -   glasses

   -   household-ceramics

   -   engineering-ceramics

   -   refractories

   -   polishing and abrasive materials

 Alumina types


Calcined aluminas


Ground aluminas


Reactive aluminas


Polishing aluminas


Synthetic zeolites


Connected to the Bayer process we produce synthetic zeolites type 4-A and 4-A-W.

Important characteristics of synthetic 4-A and 4-A-W zeolites are:

   -   environment-friend

   -   high purity

   -   special crystal structure

   -   high ion exchange capacity

   -   good adsorptivity


Based on these properties zeolite is used as:

   -   detergent builder

   -   catalyst

   -   water-softener

   -   adsorbent



Gallium is a relatively rarely occurring element. Our company is one of the few primary gallium producers in the world. As a result of different purification process, metal gallium is produced with purity of 99.99 to 99.99999 %.


The main application fields of gallium are:

   -   optoelectronic devices, LEDs

   -   semi-conductors

   -   very high frequency communication


   -   computing (IT) equipments

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