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Hydrate and Alumina Products

The Ajka Alumina Plant of MAL was founded on the domestic bauxite in 1943. The bauxite is still processed by the Bayer-method today too.


The privatization of the Ajka Alumina Ltd. in 1997 marked a new milestone in the history of the alumina production in Ajka.  According to the MAL’s decision the main products – beside the supply the Inota smelter till February 2006 – are: special calcined aluminas and aluminium hydroxides, synthetic zeolites and high purity gallium.


The share of high-added-value products is continuously increasing within the sales. 95% of the alumina products are exported to hundreds of customers located in the most developed industrial countries.


Aluminium Casting Alloys

The ALU-FÉM Division produces aluminium casting alloys from purchased scrap for metal foundries with its good experiences, modern equipments and proven technology. The products of the Division are used by foundries in Hungary and Western Europe.

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