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Aiding Program and large scale damage prevention at MAL Co. Ltd.
Ajka, 8 October 2010 – “Today, the management of MAL Co.Ltd. has opened the MAL aiding fund with EUR 200,000 for the purpose of the elimination and mitigation of damages and restoration.”- announced Mr. Zoltán Bakonyi, Managing Director.

The supports from Hungarian and foreign sectoral partners are kindly welcome to the fund. If MAL Co. Ltd. resumes production, further sums will be paid to this fund from the disposable sources of the consequently generated revenues. Strategic partners of the Company also offer their assistance on a continuous basis. The latest one was for the capturing of red mud particles floating in the air. The utilisation potentials of this proposal will be forwarded by the Company manager to Protection Committee.

MAL Co. Ltd. has forwarded an aid of 10 million HUF to the Company’s trade union’s fund as assistance for those aggrieved as a consequence of this environmental disaster.


Earlier, MAL Co. Ltd. has also decided to provide assistance for those who suffered severe injuries in the catastrophe. However, on account of personal data protection regulations, this has not yet been possible to accomplish hitherto. As of next Monday, therefore, MAL Aiding Points will be set up in Devecser and Kolontár, where the number of severely injured persons is planned to be mapped, and the extent to which the health of such injured persons is damaged should also be estimated. MAL requests for the help of leaders of affected settlements to the establishment of MAL Aiding Points.


MAL Co. Ltd. has undertaken to restore its damaged reservoir within on year and to commence complete recultivation on the territory and in the meantime it intends to use a much smaller mud reservoir.


Elimination of damages makes good progress. Mr. Zoltán Bakonyi, Managing Director announced, that this day another rainwater neutralizing equipment had been put into service on the southern side of reservoir-X. By this the capacities have been doubled. Preparations for the installation of the next neutralizing equipment have been launched today, and this equipment will be located on an area closer to Kolontár. Every day 50 persons participate in the mitigation of damages suffered by the inhabitants in each of the two affected settlements respectively.


At the damaged reservoir the most important task was the erection of the encircling dam to retain rainwater and escaped water. This work has been completed on a length of 470 metres. The height of this reservoir is 3 to 4 m. Still 20 metres are to be completed from the 395 m long scale dam to be erected to the south of the encircling dam with the utilisation of cinder. The estimated length of the second protection zone is 600 m and its height is 2 m. The 200 m long section parallel with the reservoir is completed. Further 400 metres will also be erected parallel with the railway embankment. The third protection zone has been built in a length to 450 m and its height is 2.5 m.


The management of the MAL Co. Ltd. is fully attentive and committed to the continuous information of public. At the same time, the Company draws the attention to the fact that related to the elimination of damages the Company feels obliged to appear at the highest forums of the Protection Committee, additionally, the company representative is always present at different forums and gives answers to any questions emerging in relation to the disaster.


MAL Co. Ltd. was regret to learn, that Mr. Imre Kovács, who used to be the employee of the Company for 35 years and had been a honoured member of the trade union, died at the age of 78 as victim of the disaster. MAL Co. Ltd. provided emergency aid for the family additionally undertook to incur the funeral expenses. The Company will be represented at the funeral ceremony by Mr. Ferenc Pad, Chairman of the Trade Union.


As is commonly known, MAL Co. Ltd. is the second largest aluminium industrial undertakings in Hungary. The only place, where aluminia production is carried out in Hungary today is Ajka. MAL Co. Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian private company, with a called-up share capital of 3 billion HUF. MAL gives work for over 1100 persons in Ajka and its surroundings, affecting the lives of some five thousand people. The Company can execute its business and other duties only if production in the plant can be resumed practically immediately. According to information received from our customers they will persist by the middle of next week, but 72 hours are necessary after the ”start” sign is received to resume production. Safe preparation of the 70 bar steam at the neighbouring plant needs 48 hours.




                                                                                                       MAL Co. Ltd.


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