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MAL Co.Ltd. initiates the setting up of a Communication Committee

Ajka, 07. 10. 2010. 10.00 a.m.MAL Co.Ltd. keeps standing by the inhabitants.

“An environmental catastrophe has occurred, but the exact cause thereof is still difficult to identify at this moment, however we are co-operating with every competent authority and do our best to find out the reasons and accomplish remediation of damages the soonest possible. We do not stand aloof from investigations, moreover we initiate again the setting up of a Communication Committee which is intended to participate in the publishing of accurate figures, facts and to inform the public.” – declared Dr. Lajos Tolnay, Chairman of MAL Co.Ltd. MAL Co.Ltd. expresses its regret for its previous communiqués focused principally on professional matters and therefore they may be perceived by many to be emotionless. We want to give utterance to our condolences to the victims’ families again and commiseration for the families of those injured and aggrieved!


The company takes all efforts to mitigate the residential damages of the environmental catastrophe and to ensure rehabilitation. According to investigations performed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the contamination, which has flooded the villages as a result of the environmental disaster, is not radioactive. “We did not run away during the economical depression, we won’t do it now neither. We were here, we are here and we want to build up the future also here, even though it is overshadowed by this environmental disaster.”- says Zoltán Bakonyi, Managing Director. Yesterday, the representatives were sent to both community forums (Kolontár and Devecser). Regrettably, the management was having a negotiation with the leaders of the Disaster Management Committee concurrently. Additionally, MAL Co. Ltd. initiates the establishment of a MAL Information Point in Devecser and in Kolontár collectively with the local governments involved, which would handle the allocation of funds and the assessments of residential claims. It is of crucial importance that prompt aids provided by the Company should be received by the affected inhabitants as soon as possible. ”If it is necessary, we will be open 24 hours a day” – added the Managing Director. Every employee of the company is working on the elimination of the consequences of the disaster which befell the region and the company. Disaffirming certain press information, MAL Co. Ltd. deems it essential to announce that it has liability insurance both for the damages in its own assets and for impacts caused by environmental pollution.


MAL Co. Ltd. welcomes the Prime Minister’s initiation announced today for the establishment of an international aiding fund. MAL will provide any reasonably possible assistance for this. Furthermore, the Company promotes the local governmental under-secretary’s proposal to pass a new disaster management law. The Company encourages the setting up of an international professional investigation committee to reveal the exact root causes of the accident and to develop strategies for remediation.


MAL Co. Ltd. deems it crucial that the public should receive accurate information both regarding possible hazards and remediation as well as on aids and the actions either having been taken hitherto or planned for the future. To this end MAL Co. Ltd. suggests the prompt establishment of a Communication Committee and through this channel the unified, comprehensive and accurate information of public. Establishing of this Committee proves to be inevitable for time to time contradicting, and in many cases groundless news and rumours take wing among the press and public alike. It would be desirable if MAL Co. Ltd., the mayors of the affected villages, the disaster management and environmental protection staff and the representatives of the government were also involved into the work of the Communication Committee in respect of this case.


Ajka, 7 October 2010


MAL Co. Ltd.



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