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Evacuation has no effect on mitigation works
Ajka, 09.10.2010 MAL Co. Ltd. continues the operations to the utmost of its power to avoid further damages and to reinforce the injured deposit. MAL employees continue to participate in the mitigation of damages at Kolontár together with people of catastrophe protection.

Zoltán Bakonyi, head of MAL Co. Ltd. pointed out that since the catastrophe had occured the company had been represented itself at highest management level in the elaboration and execution of the defensive and catastrophe avoiding operation plans.

MAL employees had been participating at their utmost in the mitigation of damages and the establishing of the new defence walls and dams. At the same time he emphasized that from its existence the company had strictly observed the technical prescriptions. In the past 10 years the company had spent almost to 30,03 thousand millions HUF on maintenance work and renovation. Zoltán Bakonyi confirmed that prescriptions had always been literally observed and everything had been executed according to the prevailing regulations.


The principal target of damage mitigation was to avoid additional damages. In order to retain the rain and leaking water the construction of a surrounding dam  has immediately been started at the damaged deposit.This has been completed in a lenght of 470 m and to a height of  3-4 m. To the South of the surrounding dam a flue-ash dam is being built in a length of 395 mt using the slag of the power station to the completion of which another 20 m of dam has to be erected. The estimated lenght of the second defence line is 600 m with height of 2 m. Parallel with the deposit a 200 m section has been completed. Another 400 m will be built  parallel with he railway bed. The third defence line has been completed in the lenght of  450 m and up to the height of 2,5 m. These works are proceeding as MAL Co. Ltd. considers the mitigation of damage as its most important task.

Zoltán Bakonyi, head of the company confirmed that the day before an additional equipment had been set in operation to neutralize the rainwater. By this the capacity of these equipments had been doubled. The company had started the settling of a third neutralizer on the territory close to Kolontár.


MAL Co. Ltd. is proceeding with its programs in helping victims of the damage. It has established an own relief of fund of 200 thousand EURO and is expecting the pledge of its foreign and national strategic partners.Yesterday the fund established by the trade union of MAL Co. Ltd. and which was earlier supported by the company with 10 million HUF has countinued to increase. Always more MAL employees participate as volunteers in the mitigation of damages in the settlements hit by catastrophe, as well as collecting grants in kind to help the inhabitants of the settlement.

Hearing the news of evacuation at Kolontár MAL Co. Ltd. has immediately started searching accomodation at Ajka and in its surroundings. Currently it is able to ensure appropriate accomodation for 50 evacuated persons for the next days.


Today at the meeting of the Defence Committee Zoltán Bakonyi head of the company has negotiated with mayors of Kolontár and Devecser about establishing MAL aid points. The former mayor has offerred  his help in finding rooms for rent, the latter one promised to call the parties affected to try to reconcile them.


As well known MAL Co. Ltd. is the second largest enterprise in the aluminium industry in our country. Today Ajka is the only alumina producer in Hungary. MAL Co. Ltd. is 100 per cent  in Hungarian ownership. Its registered capital is 3 thousand million HUF. MAL Co. Ltd. gives employment to more than 1100 persons at Ajka and its surroundings, which effects the life of nearly 5000 persons.


                                                                                MAL Co. Ltd.


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