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Deposit Nr. X. was Conform to Regulations
Ajka, 10.10.2010 4 o’clock p.m. According to a technical expert report of 1995 the dams of the damaged deposit nr. X were built in proper way and from appropriate material. The stability complied with the regulations.

1st September 1995 the Civil Defence, on the basis of a governmental regulation, ordered the revision on the endangerment the settlements were exposed to. Consequently they invited the managing director of the former Ajkai Alumíniumipari Kft still in state property to make a report on the state of that time of the red mud field situated between Ajka and Kolontár, as well as the quantity of the contaminated water  stored there and about the technical state of the deposit. The Ajkai Alumíniumipari Kft charged MÉLYÉPTERV Kultúrmérnöki Kft with preparing the expert’s report.

The official expert’s report made at that time reports about the now injured deposit nr.X “ that the dams built from slag- flue ash coming from the Ajka power station (thanks to its lime content it has a good binding property) – on the basis of the sample taking, testing and estimations of MÉLYÉPTERV Kultúrmérnöki Kft (former MÉLYÉPTERV) with absolute cetainty comply with the strict stability conditions determined in the regulations.


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