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MAL Co.Ltd. expresses its commiseration and apologies
AJKA, 10.10. 2010. 16.00 The management and all employees of MAL Co. Ltd. were deeply shocked by the catastrophe occurred on Monday, 04th October. We want to express again our deepest regret to all families of the victims, injured ones, and to everyone who was affected. We are making top efforts to abolish the damages. We are strictly co-operating with all of the contributing organizations towards to normalize the situation in the area the soonest.

MAL Co.Ltd. completely agrees with the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that the real responsible ones need to be found and MAL Co.Ltd. shall compensate the damages in the ratio of its responsibility.


The board of directors and the management of MAL Co.Ltd. apologises for have not being able to express its commiseration on the proper way during the first days after the catastrophe.



MAL Co.Ltd.


For press:

Ms. Andrea Németh

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