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MTI Communiqué
MAL Hungarian Aluminium Private Company Limited by Shares (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) expressly disaffirms the allegation that any of its owners is an off-shore company, considering the fact that the Company has 100% Hungarian owners.

The Company:


- announces that following the derequisition of the flooded area, the Company commenced the erection of a temporary reservoir dam immediately and 90% of the works were completed within 24 hours.  


- conciliates with competent authorities and defence forces on a continuous basis and it executes their decisions and orders without delay.


- commended its employees to turn out in affected settlements as ordered by the Disaster Management Office and Mayor’s Offices to promptly launch remediation.


- requested the competent Insurance Company to provide assistance in the assessment of damage the soonest possible.


- made available a prompt aid of 30 million HUF, as established by the Disaster Management Committee, for the local governments of Kolontár, Devecser and Somlóváráshely within 24 hours following the decision-making session of the Committee.


- is communicating with competent authorities immediately regarding any measures and actions taken for the elimination of disaster and remediation of impacts.


- has undertaken to incur the victims’ funeral expenses, offering by this its deepest condolences to the victims’ relatives.


- devotes all its energies and efforts to the remediation of the unprecedented environmental impacts and damages that has occurred in its plant and in its surroundings as well as to cease to endanger the nature any longer, therefore it cannot consider and does not intend to waste energies on the defensive communication of all the false alarming rumours, groundless allegations and malignant assumptions. All these are considered to be the responsible charge of the media.


- appreciates the work of the media who have kept the public informed of this disaster in a responsible manner by adhering to the ethic rules of journalism, and


- expresses its acknowledgement to all its strategic partners, to every company and organisation who has landed a hand and actively contributed to obviate the impacts of this catastrophe and to the remediation of the consequences thereof.


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