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MAL Zrt has been operating according to authority regulations
Ajka, 11.10.2010 Monday 11 p.m.. The management of MAL Co.Ltd. definitely refuses all kinds of communications and statements, according to which there might have been springs under the deposit No X. earlier or the deposit might have been overfilled. The company has strictly observed the technical regulations. During the past ten years it has spent 30,3 thousand millions HUF for maintenance work and renovation. The regulations have always been literally observed and everything has been executed according to the prevailing regulations.

MAL Co.Ltd. had the so called “gap wall” of the deposit(s) built on authority obligation in order to avoid the spreading of contaminated (alkaline) underground water under the red mud fields. Every year a report on the operation of the “gap wall” has been prepared and presented regularly and in due time to the authorities, in 2010 until 30th April.


At the same time the management of MAL confirms that in 1990, on authority prescription, the company practically hermetically closed 149 hectare area from underground water. To the information of MAL Co.Ltd. during 3 months preceding the catastrophe at deposit No. X. 584 080 cubic meters, respectively in 6 months 1 552 920 thousand cubic meters rain fell down onto the territory of 149 hectare deposits compared to those of the same period of last year’s 226 408, resp. 490210 cubic meters. The management of MAL Co.Ltd. confirms the statements that the North-Western corner (the burst part) of the deposit X. lays at the lowest level.


MAL Co.Ltd. fully agrees with the statement with the agricultural enterpriser from Kolontár, Devecser and the surroundings, according to which the agricultural area were almost under water before the occurrence of the catastrophe.


As well known MAL Co. Ltd. is the second largest enterprise in the aluminium industry in our country. Today Ajka is the only alumina producer in Hungary. MAL Co. Ltd. is 100 per cent  in Hungarian ownership. Its registered capital is 3 thousand million HUF. MAL Co. Ltd. gives employment to more than 1100 persons at Ajka and its surroundings, which effects the life of nearly 5000 persons.


                                                                                                             MAL Co.Ltd.


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