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K 2013
Visit us at K 2013 19th International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber in Düsseldorf between 16th - 23rd October 2013 at our stand C27 in hall 7A!

Succesful REACH registration
MAL Co. Ltd. has registered all its products - aluminas, hydrates, zeolites - according to REACH Regulation in due time. The pre-registration according to REACH and the registration according to CLP of our gallium product have been done

New Product Brochure
The company has updated its brochure including all product specification, which is available for download under the „Products” menu.

Statement of MAL Co. Ltd.
1.) The owners of MAL Co. Ltd. feel responsibility for their workers, suppliers and customers. In the plant owned by Hungarian businessmen there were no cut-backs even during the worst recession, the company has been able to keep its customers during the global financial crisis and the management will do its best to maintain this situation.

MAL Co. Ltd. has opened a Damage Relief and Reconstruction Office 8. Dec. 2010
For the mitigation and quick relief of external and internal damages caused by the industrial catastrophe happened due to the rupture and faultage of the wall of the red mud reservoir No. X., MAL Co. Ltd. has opened a Damage Relief and Reconstruction Office.

Production restarted 21. 10. 2010.
Production restarted at MAL Co. Ltd. on 17th October 2010. All production units operate and the manufacturing of all product types has begun.

Communiqué 18. October 2010.
MAL Co. Ltd. intends to take immediate measures to aid the families of victims and injured ones of the “red mud catastrophe“ happened on 4th October.

MAL Zrt has been operating according to authority regulations
Ajka, 11.10.2010 Monday 11 p.m.. The management of MAL Co.Ltd. definitely refuses all kinds of communications and statements, according to which there might have been springs under the deposit No X. earlier or the deposit might have been overfilled. The company has strictly observed the technical regulations. During the past ten years it has spent 30,3 thousand millions HUF for maintenance work and renovation. The regulations have always been literally observed and everything has been executed according to the prevailing regulations.

Deposit Nr. X. was Conform to Regulations
Ajka, 10.10.2010 4 o’clock p.m. According to a technical expert report of 1995 the dams of the damaged deposit nr. X were built in proper way and from appropriate material. The stability complied with the regulations.

MAL Co.Ltd. expresses its commiseration and apologies
AJKA, 10.10. 2010. 16.00 The management and all employees of MAL Co. Ltd. were deeply shocked by the catastrophe occurred on Monday, 04th October. We want to express again our deepest regret to all families of the victims, injured ones, and to everyone who was affected. We are making top efforts to abolish the damages. We are strictly co-operating with all of the contributing organizations towards to normalize the situation in the area the soonest.

Evacuation has no effect on mitigation works
Ajka, 09.10.2010 MAL Co. Ltd. continues the operations to the utmost of its power to avoid further damages and to reinforce the injured deposit. MAL employees continue to participate in the mitigation of damages at Kolontár together with people of catastrophe protection.

Aiding Program and large scale damage prevention at MAL Co. Ltd.
Ajka, 8 October 2010 – “Today, the management of MAL Co.Ltd. has opened the MAL aiding fund with EUR 200,000 for the purpose of the elimination and mitigation of damages and restoration.”- announced Mr. Zoltán Bakonyi, Managing Director.

MAL Co.Ltd. initiates the setting up of a Communication Committee

MTI Communiqué
MAL Hungarian Aluminium Private Company Limited by Shares (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) expressly disaffirms the allegation that any of its owners is an off-shore company, considering the fact that the Company has 100% Hungarian owners.

Announcement of MAL Hungarian Aluminium
As many learnt about it from the media, a natural disaster has happened on the 4th of October, 2010 at 12:10 p.m., when the red mud broke out from the reservoir No.10 at the MAL Alumina Plant in Ajka. This case is without precedent in the history of the alumina production by Bayer process.

New Zeolite Type
As the result of last year’s developments, our company has expanded its 4A type synthetic zeolite product group. (13.08.2010.)

New viscosity optimized hydrate product
Our ALOLT 700 product group has been expanded with a new product type. The new ALOLT 716 aluminium-hydroxide can be widely applied as fire retardant filler material in artificial resins. (13.08.2010.)

REACH pre-registration
MAL Hungarian Aluminium has pre-registered all substances from its production program according to REACH Regulation. All necessary activities for registration are in progress and will be finished in due time. (22.05.2009.)

MAL Hungarian Aluminum Ltd. acquired concession rights to conduct bauxite exploration and extraction operations in Montenegro
The supply with bauxite of MAL’s alumina plant in Ajka is presently accomplished partly from domestic and Bosnian bauxite mines owned by MAL and partly from mines owned by Bosnian and Montenegrin companies. Due the exploited and limited volume of the economically extractable bauxite reserve in Hungary, Bosnia and Montenegro MAL paid particular attention to at the area Niksic in Montenegro where there is currently 350.000 tons of bauxite reserve and the experts expect further 2-4 million tons of bauxite. (31.07.2008.)

Organisational-/structural- and personal changes at MAL
MAL Co. Ltd. implemented organisational-structural and personal changes at the end of April 2008 in order to attain its strategic aims and product development more efficiently.

MAL sold its production capacities of aluminium semi-products in Inota to INOTAL Ltd.
After substantial analysis and arrangements on 1st of June 2007 MAL sold its production capacities of aluminium semi-products in Inota to the INOTAL Aluminium Processing Ltd. and at the same time the employees were also handed over to the new owner with legal succession.

Outsourcing of the IT services
As from 1. November, 2006 the IT services of the Company - in the frame of the concentration to the core business - have been supplied by the outsourced RIS Informatical Service Ltd.

Personal change
The general meeting of the MAL Limited by Shares recalled Mr. Dr. Nándor Sillinger's assignment upon his request as Chief Executive Officer and elected Mr. Ferenc Sitkei as Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

The Board of Directors of MAL Hungarian Aluminium Production and Trade Company Limited by Shares has decided to close down the aluminium smelter operating at Inota at the beginning of next year.

Organisational change at the MAL group
MAL has independently obtained mining rights and will take over deep working bauxite production from Bakonyi Bauxitbánya Kft., which is in its majority ownership.

MAL aquires bauxite mine in Bosnia
On June 15, 2004 MAL Magyar Aluminium Producing and Trading Inc. obtained the 51% majority share of the Rudnici Boksita Jajce bauxite mine in the framework of the privatisation process in Bosnia.

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