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The Company was established by Hungarian private individuals in 1995 when the privatization of the aluminium industry started. During the privatization the Company gradually acquired control over the companies that tied in closely with the aluminium sector (Bakony bauxite mine, Ajka alumina plant, Inota aluminium smelter), and transformed whilst into a company limited by shares. Later the Company established a producing company (MAL-Product S.R.L.) in Rumania and a trading company (MAL-Deutschland GmbH) in Germany to enhance its market positions.


MAL Hungarian Aluminium Production and Trade Company Limited by Shares
(MAL Rt.)


The former Alumina and Aluminium Branches of the Company are vertically aligned in terms of product flow to utilize unique conditions whereby the total volume of the bauxite available for profitable exploitation in Hungary can be processed into hydrate and alumina, (whilst producing synthetic zeolite and metallic gallium as by-products).The hydrates and aluminas are marketable as products themselves, the alumina may be processed in smelters to yield a variety of marketable aluminium semis. The Company exports 70-75% of its products to Western European countries.


MAL Zrt. reorganized its structures in 1997-98 and set up product driven business units – divisions – which have independent clearing and incentive systems with a substantial reduction of operating costs.


MAL Zrt. started at the end 2001 with a restructuring which included the purchase of the majority ownership in the Slovenian SILKEM d.o.o. company producing different types of zeolites and ground aluminas. This new company is in line with the activity of the former Alumina Branch. In the course of the privatization in Bosnia in June 2004 the MAL Rt. acquired the majority ownership of the Bauxite Mine Company Rudnici Boksita Jajce which bauxite with its excellent quality could complement the limited available domestic supply very well. In June 2005 MAL Zrt. took over the deep working bauxite production from Bakony Bauxite Mine Co. which is in its majority ownership, respectively established the Bauxite Mining Branch by buying-out of the assets. Because of the too high electrical energy costs at 31. January 2006 the Company closed down the aluminium smelter operating at Inota but at the same time it started on two scrap smelting furnaces. After substantial analysis and arrangements on 1st of June 2007 MAL sold its production capacities of aluminium semi-products in Inota to the INOTAL Aluminium Processing Ltd. MAL Zrt. at the end April, 2008 executed organisational/structural and personal changes in order to realize more efficiently its aims of strategy and product development.


The goal of MAL Zrt. calls for marketable product structure, high quality products, the utilization of existing human resources and maximum adherence to environmental rules in an effort to strengthen corporate market positions in the region of Central Europe. The strategic development plans of the group are targeted at capital expenditure projects designed to create new jobs, to promote product restructuring, to achieve continuous improvements in quality with a view to creating the conditions of long term operation for the Group.

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